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Component 1.4 : Biological Drivers of Productive Capacity

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Objectves :

The objectives of the Biological Drivers of Productive Capacity component are :

  • to quantify the relationship between egg survival of spawning fishes and the environmental attributes associated with flow regulation from hydroelectric activities in rivers

  • to establish how PCFH is influenced by the number of species present in a community, how this effect differs across geographic regions, and how it affects the trophic relationships within the community

  • to determine the concordance between changes in downstream thermal regimes and the consequences for fish growth and,

  • to evaluate the hydraulic and biological conditions that favour or deter the upstream passage of sturgeon at the Vianney-Legendre Fishway(Quebec), and to integrate such biological and hydraulic knowledge to serve as a model for future fish passage research on a range of species across Canada

Students Projects:

Project Title Supervisor(s) University Student Collaborators
Assessment of the winter condition of Atlantic salmon parr and pre-smolts experiencing hydropeaking flows R. Cunjak & K. Clarke University of New Brunswick Sherr Vue (M.Sc.) Mactaquac Biodiversity Centre (DFO)
The physiological, behavioural and morphological responses of fishes to streamflow alteration and the consequent effects on population dynamics R. Cunjak University of New Brunswick Adrian Hards (Ph. D) T. Benfey & J. Houlahan (UNB)
Effects of hydro-electric dam ramping rate regimes on fish growth, condition and habitat use M. Power &
K. Smokorowski
University of Waterloo Brianne Kelly (Ph. D) Brookfield Renewable Power, Natural Resource Solutions Inc., CHIP-DFO
Effect of regional differences in fish biodiversity on fish production and trophic structure. J. Rasmussen University of Lethbridge Preston Lennox (Ph. D)
Behavioural and biomechanical aspects of fish passage in lake sturgeon S. Cooke & J. Dawson Carleton University Jason Thiem (Ph. D) MRNF (P. Dumont) and Katopodis Ecohydraulics Ltd (C. Katopodis)
Advancing fishway science in Canada S. Cooke & K. Smokorowski Carleton University Charles Hartry (M.Sc.) CHIP-DFO ; MRNF (P. Dumont & D. Hatin)
The hydraulics of Vianney-Legendre fishway and its operation optimization for fish passage D. Zhu University of Alberta Brian Adam Marriner (M.Sc) Carleton University (S. Cooke)
Assessing How Variable Flow Regimes Influence the Feeding Ecology of Fishes and Food Web Structure of River Communities M. Power University of Waterloo Jaclyn Brush (Ph. D) Department of Fisheries and Oceans ( Keith Clarke)
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