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Picture : Research Management Committee (RMC) of NSERC HydroNet

(during the meeting of 8-9 November 2010 at Montreal).

From left to right:

First row: Steven Cooke, Carleton University ; Roger Wysocki, DFO-Ottawa ; Gary Swanson, Manitoba Hydro ; Daniel Boisclair, Université de Montréal ; Karen Smokorowski, DFO-Sault-Sainte-Marie (Chair of the Science Advisory Committee invited to attend the meeting of the RMC of NSERC HydroNet);

Second row: Robert Randall, DFO-Burlington ; Nicholas Winfield, DFO-Ottawa ; Brent Sellars, Nalcor ; Michel Lapointe, McGill University ; Keith Clarke,  DFO St.John’s; Rick Cunjak, University of New-Brunswick/Canadian River Institute .

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