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Project Title Supervisor (s) University Student Collaborators
Effects of hydro-electric dam ramping rate regimes on fish growth, condition and habitat use M. Power &
K. Smokorowski
University of Waterloo Brianne Kelly (Ph. D) Brookfield Renewable Power, Natural Resource Solutions Inc., CHIP-DFO
Effect of regional differences in fish biodiversity on fish production and trophic structure. J. Rasmussen University of Lethbridge Preston Lennox (Ph. D)
Behavioural and biomechanical aspects of fish passage in lake sturgeon S. Cooke & J. Dawson Carleton University Jason Thiem (Ph. D) MRNF (P. Dumont) and Katopodis Ecohydraulics Ltd (C. Katopodis)
Advancing fishway science in Canada S. Cooke & K. Smokorowski Carleton University Charles Hartry (M.Sc.) CHIP-DFO ; MRNF (P. Dumont & D. Hatin)
The hydraulics of Vianney-Legendre fishway and its operation optimization for fish passage D. Zhu University of Alberta Brian Adam Marriner (M.Sc) Carleton University
(S. Cooke)
Assessing How Variable Flow Regimes Influence the Feeding Ecology of Fishes and Food Web Structure of River Communities M. Power University of Waterloo Jaclyn Brush (Ph. D) Department of Fisheries and Oceans
( Keith Clarke)
Applying fish length-frequency spectra as an indicator of habitat use and ecosystem status in an area impacted by hydropower G. Rose Memorial University of Newfoundland Laura Wheeland
(M. Sc.)
Université de Montréal (Daniel Boisclair); Memorial University of Newfoundland (Rodolphe Devillers)
Aquatic community structure-productivity based on acoustic size and frequency G. Rose Memorial University of Newfoundland Riley Pollom (M. Sc.) Manitoba Hydro, Université de Montréal (Daniel Boisclair); Memorial University of Newfoundland (Rodolphe Devillers); Laura Wheeland
Comparative analysis of sampling methods to develop habitat use models to estimate and predict fish production in the littoral zone of reservoirs D. Boisclair &
P. Legendre
Université de Montréal Nathan Satre (M. Sc.) Guillaume Bourque (Université de Montréal)
Hydraulics of Hugh Keenleyside dam D. Zhu University of Alberta Beth Robertson
(M. Sc.)
Mr. Alf Leake (BC Hydro)
Field investigation of forebay hydraulics at Columbia River hydropower facilities D. Zhu University of Alberta Mathew Langford
(Ph. D.)
Mr. Alf Leake (BC Hydro)
Effect of Thermal Stratification on Hydropower Intake Induced Flow-field D. Zhu University of Alberta Rashedul Islam (Ph. D) Mat Langford, Beth Robertson (U. Alberta)
Biotic and abiotic aspects of entrainment risk in bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) in Kinbasket Reservoir. S. Cooke &
M. Power
Carleton University & University of Waterloo Lee Gutowsky (Ph. D)
The thermal and spatial ecology and associated entrainment risk of burbot,Lota lota, in a large hydropower reservoir in British Columbia, Canada. M. Power & S. Cooke University of Waterloo & Carleton University Phil Harrison (Ph. D) DFO West Vancouver (David Patterson); BC Hydro (Alf Leake)
Entrainment risk of burbot (Lota lota) and bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) in a large hydropower reservoir:
mapping entrainment zones and linking fish movement to forebay flow hydraulics
S. Cooke &
M. Power
Carleton University & University of Waterloo Eduardo Martins (Post-Doc Fellow) Lee Gutowsky (Carleton U.); Phil Harrison (U. Waterloo); David Patterson and Jayme Hills (DFO); David Zhu, Mat Langford and Beth Robertson (U. Alberta); Alf Leake (BC Hydro)

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