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Component 2.2 : Predicting the Entrainment Risk of Fish in Hydropower Reservoirs

Mica Dam picture Hydraulic measurement

Objectives :

The objectives of the component Predicting the entrainment risk of fish in hydropower reservoirs are:

  • to generalize the knowledge of intake-induced flow hydraulics for different sites, under various temperature stratification regimes and reservoir levels, and different hydropower operations.

  • to determine the biotic characteristics that influence the entrainment risk of several key fish species

  • Sub - Objectives of the second objective are:
    • evaluate the spatial ecology of adult bull trout from different spawning tributaries to identify the extent to which they encounter the Mica forebay region.

    • document the thermal habitat use and vertical distribution of burbot in the reservoir including in the vicinity of the forebay.

    • provide a detailed understanding of bull trout, kokanne, and burbot behaviour in the immediate vicinity of the Mica forebay relative to dam operations to quantify and describe patterns of entrainment.

    • quantify survival and behaviour of tagged bull trout, burbot, and kokanee that are entrained and pass through the turbines to the river below.

    • develop a seasonal model of entrainment risk for adult bull trout, burbot, and kokanee that could serve as a model for future entrainment risk assessments in Canada and beyond;
  • determine how physical mitigation alternatives (such as barrier nets, thermal curtains, etc.) affect upstream flow fields and how various mitigation options perform under various hydraulic and operation conditions.

Students Projects:

Project Title Supervisor (s) University Student Collaborators
Hydraulics of Hugh Keenleyside dam D. Zhu University of Alberta Beth Robertson (M. Sc.)
Field investigation of forebay hydraulics at Columbia River hydropower facilities D. Zhu University of Alberta Mathew Langford (Ph. D.)
Effect of Thermal Stratification on Hydropower Intake Induced Flow-field D. Zhu University of Alberta Rashedul Islam (Ph. D)
Biotic and abiotic aspects of entrainment risk in bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) in Kinbasket Reservoir S. Cooke &
M. Power
Carleton University & University of Waterloo Lee Gutowsky (Ph. D)
The thermal and spatial ecology and associated entrainment risk of burbot,Lota lota, in a large hydropower reservoir in British Columbia, Canada M. Power & S. Cooke University of Waterloo & Carleton University Phil Harrison (Ph. D)
Entrainment risk of burbot (Lota lota) and bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) in a large hydropower reservoir:
mapping entrainment zones and linking fish movement to forebay flow hydraulics
S. Cooke &
M. Power
Carleton University & University of Waterloo Eduardo Martins (Post-Doc Fellow)
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