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2ème Symposium de HydroNet CRSNG en partenariat avec BC Hydro, Ecofish Research Ltd. et Hemmera
Date : 20 au 22 mars 2012

Lieu : BC Hydro, Centre Auditorium, Burnaby, British Columbia

Programme Presentation

Photos du 2ème Symposium de HydroNet CRSNG

Présentations et Résumés (disponibles en anglais)
Abstract Evaluating Flow Ramping Effects at Run-of-River Hydroelectric Projects (A. Lewis*, K. Healey, P. Gibeau, Ecofish Research Ltd.; and S. Babakaiff, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations)
Abstract Standardized Methods for the Long-Term Monitoring of Run-of-River Hydropower Facilities in British Columbia and the Yukon: Summary and Preliminary Results (A. Harwood*, A. Lewis, and S. Faulkner, Ecofish Research Ltd.)
Presentation Abstract HydroNet's Network Structure (D. Boisclair, U Montréal)
Presentation Abstract Productive Capacity of Fish Habitats (D. Boisclair, U Montréal)
Abstract Nutrients as Chemical Drivers of Fish Productivity: Comparing Regional Differences in Fish Biomass – Total Phosphorus Relationships for Lakes and Rivers (J.B. Rasmussen, University of Lethbridge)
Abstract Flow regimes of natural versus regulated rivers. (M. Lapointe, McGill University)
Abstract Understanding the Relation between Geomorphic Processes and Aquatic Ecosystems (B.C. Eaton*, University of British Columbia; and M.F. Lapointe, McGill U)
Abstract Winter Stressors for Fish in Rivers (F. Hicks and M. Loewen*, University of Alberta)
Abstract Flow Regime and Fish Community Density (C.J. Macnaughton*, G. Bourque, and D. Boisclair, U Montréal)
Abstract Can Measurements of Stress Biomarkers of a Top Predator Help Assess the Effects of High Daily Flow Variations in a Hydro-Peaking River? (S. Harvey-Lavoie* and D. Boisclair, U Montréal)
Abstract Variability of Fish Production: Nutrients as Chemical Drivers across Diverse Regions (C. Good* and J.B. Rasmussen, U Lethbridge)
Abstract Flow Regimes of Natural versus Regulated Rivers across Canada: Project Proposal and Preliminary Results (F. McLaughlin* and M. Lapointe, McGill U)
Presentation Abstract Physical Habitat below a Hydro-peaking Dam: Examining Progressive Downstream Change and the Role of Tributaries (L. Winterhalt*, B.C. Eaton, UBC; and M. Lapointe, McGill U)
Presentation Abstract Use of Remote Sensing and Modelling to Assess Morphologic Change as a Result of a Hydropeaking Dam (H. Buehler*, B. Eaton, UBC; and M. Lapointe, McGill U)
Abstract Mapping Fish Habitat Downstream of Hydro-dams in Canada: Estimation of Possible Long-term Modifications and Assessment of the Current Hydraulic Geometry Conditions (F. Hugue*, M. Lapointe, M. Kalcska, McGill U; and B.C. Eaton, UBC)
Abstract River Ice Observations on Small Regulated and Unregulated Streams in Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Alberta, Canada (J. Nafziger*, J. Morley, S. Emmer, F. Hicks and M. Loewen, U Alberta)
Abstract Modelling Instream Flow Effects on Juvenile Salmonid Capacity in Small Streams: Do Habitat Suitability Curves Systematically Underestimate Optimal Flows? (J. Rosenfeld, B.C. Ministry of Environment)
Presentation Abstract How does flow regulation affect riverine fishes? (R.A. Cunjak, University of New Brunswick – Canadian Rivers Institute)
Abstract Fish Passage in Canada – State of the Science with Particular Reference to Lake Sturgeon (S.J. Cooke*, J.D. Thiem, C. Hatry, Carleton University; D. Zhu, U Alberta; J. Dawson, Carleton U; K. Smokorowski, K. Clarke, DFO; C. Katopodis, Katopodis Ecohydraulics Ltd.; P. Dumont, D. Hatin, Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune; A. Haro, T. Castro-Santos, USGC; R. Wilson, and A. Gleiss, Swansea University)
Abstract Survival of Incubating Atlantic Salmon Eggs as a Function of Hyporheic Water Quality and Flow Regulation (P. Thoms*, T. Linannsaari, A. Fraser, UNB; R. Randall, DFO; and R.A. Cunjak, UNB-CRI)

Autres Présentations
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